Motor sports and bikes

Michael's coma

Yesterday we can see the news which was written being brought out of Michael's coma. Michael Schumacher is the most famous driver. So everyone worry his condition. But the more everyone want to know him, the more media get around and his family and doctor lost their privacy.

In fact we are worrying, but his family is much more worrying. So we must silent and protect their privacy. We should just pray for his waking up process.

expecting the exciting race

This year Japanese F1 driver come back, Kamui. He gets the seat of Caterham. That team hadn't competition last year, so I am worrying about it. But I am expecting his performance. In my mind my expectation is bigger than worrying.

By the way this year many regulation was changed. So many teams have chance. In the Spanish test redbull could only a few going around. It means that even if every team have about a month before Australian GP they can't finish of making the car completely. So some race have many trouble then Caterham maybe have a chance.

Many people check the different regulation. For example 1.6 litter turbo engine, front wing, hight of the body and suspension, and so on. I think that one of the most important technical part is motor assistance. Especially managing of motor function is very important. Last year even if the car lost KERS they have keep competitive, but in this year's regulation they can't. Because motor assist power is enormous. So I think this section is the most important one. Anyway many things complexes, so I am looking for the exciting race.

looking for the next MotoGP

Almost everyone who like MotoGP feel that Marquez is amazing rider. He has been establishing many records, and becomes present legend. Especially his slide control is artistic. So we expect his podium and champ of the MotoGP.

On the other hand we expect that Rossi beats Marquez. In fact Marquez, pedrosa and Lorenzo are very exciting rider, but I think if Rossi recovers his strongly race, MotoGP is livened up. So I strongly expect that Rossi contend for victory.

Anyway I am looking for the next race. British GP has very technical circuit which is profitable for Yamaha. So I am very exciting now.

Changing mirror for DAEG

The other day I bought Napoleon mirror by Rough and Road which is parts shop for rider. This is AZ3 model which is simple and reasonable mirror.

Always riding DAEG, I feel that the mirrors are useless. Especially over 80km/h, it is shakeed very hard. If driveing faster than 100km/h, I can't understand behind the car. So I feel it is dangerous. This phenomenon are caused by sympathetic vibration.

I think this vibration is caused by length of mirror arm. Probably the length is too long. Of course if the length is much longer than short, I can check back easily. But when driveing more than 80km/h, it is useless. It means that I absolutely have nothing about it.

In this way, I choose AZ3 which is able to adjust the length of arm. This picture is equipped AZ3 for my DAEG. I adjusted a little shorter than original arm.

After I equipped it, I check the mirror condition. I can understand it is very comfortable. When driving more than 100km/h, I can see back clearly. This picture is my DAEG with the mirror. I think it is similar the normal mirror. So I am satisfied with it. Because I prefer something which is simple, functional and moderate.

On that day I went to Hayama. Because it was very fine day and the place was almost same destruction. This picture is my favorite scenery. Because in that place I can see Mt.Fuji above beautiful sea.

Most reliable oil

I always buy MOTUL 300V at Rough and Road. Rough and Road is discount shop of bike parts, accessory and consumption goods. And more sometimes sending me coupon with flyer, I always use this voucher.

In this time I bought MOTUL 300V with oil element for estrella. These are discount price, and more using voucher in special day I can buy additional 10% discount price.

I like the MOTUL. Because it smells very fruity. Sometimes I want to drink it. Of course I don't do that. I have used it for years. I feel good condition of engine which is very smooth. So I always use it.